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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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have said see, he can't get along with putin! he's going to get us in a war before the general election takes place. charles: roger, i know you will be in town next week. at home, thank you for watching good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama's public assessment of the islamic state is not only misleading, it's utterly wrong. according to thepoipentagon rep the islamic state is growing stronger in afghanistan. the pentagon report says the islamic state is now openly fighting the taliban there and trying to establish territorial control in large regions. i'll take up the administration's terror strategy with general jack keane in moments. donald trump has climbed to
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new heights in another national poll. a new washington post abc news poll puts trump at 38% support. 23 points ahead of his closest rival, senator ted cruz. this is the second poll this week showing trump with a massive lead over his rivals. our top story, the obama's administrations out right deceptions about the war against the islamic state. a day after president obama said the islamic state has lost thousands of square miles of territory in iraq and syria, a new pentagon report released today warns the terrorist group is quote, operationally emergent in afghanistan. the commander, said supporters in the country are rising and trying to establish a base in the eastern city of julaw lubad. right now, the islamic state loyalists don't have to ability
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to attack the united states or europe but they have expressed a desire to do so. joining us tonight, fox news analyst general jack keane. he talks about a shrinking islamic state at the pentagon. what are we to make? >> believe the report. the harsh reality, the islamic state has expanded with formalized documented affiliate relationships with nine countries and they're expanding into three more probably within the next 30 to 60 days, afghanistan, and pakistan. they are there one, because they can. number two, they've gauot two strategic regions. they want to undermine the al qaeda leadership that operates out of pakistan.
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they're going to take advantage of what they believe is another u.s. withdrawal, much as they did in iraq. they see this as huge strategic opportunity for them to succeed in that part of the world. >> the united states retains significant special operations forces in afghanistan. but frankly the united states is dependent entirely upon those special operations forces to exert the political will of the united states. and we're looking at the possibility, are we not that those troops could be withdrawn relatively quickly, are we not? >> oh, yeah, the president has not committed tod a sizable fore past 2016. he holds the cause on that decision. special operation folks, commander at fort brag, they are
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a considerable multiplier and enabler. you need intelligence to feed to them so they can act. we pulled a lot of intelligence out in terms of our guys on the ground. >> it's almost as if this administration has decided to use our special operations forces for ways in which they were never attended. never a strategy if we can discern the administration's strategy at all. a strategy that has a requisite number of regular forces that would have to be deployed in order to seize and old significant regions of territory. >> no doubt about that. conventional forces on the grounds win wars. thankfully, we have the best of all of that. the best special ops, conventional ground forces, best air power in the world. >> and all of them, likely, coming home if this administration has its way very
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so soon. a further vacuum about to be created. secretary ash carter in turkey to what end? >> the problem is, the president of turkey has told us for two years now as have the other arab states in the region that their priority is assad and his removal so syria can be stabilized and this civil war can come to an end. we disagree with that. because what was a priority for us has been a nuclear deal with iran. that has trumped this action. now we're on there with our hand out saying we need help with is isis. he's not going to do much to help us until we change the tactic against the assad regime. >> the president said we have to deal with the syrian civil war before we can go after isis.
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today, secretary kerry meeting with sergei lavrov, the prime minister of russia. the so-called syrian people will decide the fate of bash aral assad, which means bash aral assad will determine his fate. this is the first astonishing example. >> this is an example of the u.s. commitment to the belligerent. vladmir putin holds all the cards. he's propped up the assad regime. it was in danger of being encroached upon by the rebel forces. he's sitting at the table and saying these are my terms. assad and his regime will stay.
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he may trade assad for a better deal. we're backing away from assad and this regime have to change because they have killed and murdered their people and we're wiping that slate clean. we have done it before with iran and we have done it before with iraq. it's tragic. but it's a pattern of behavior that's so sad to see play out. >> and of course, sad indeed. syria's partner along with russia is iran. today, the iaea agreed to close the file on iranian development of weapons. this after two icbm missiles were test pin contravention of un security council resolutions. and they march toward the lifting of sanctions and release of $150 billion to the iranians
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next year underway at full speed. >> this was stunning today, lou. the board of governors of the iaea meeting after weeks of inspection attempts at a military facility to try to determine what iran's complicity was weaponizing nuclear weapons. that's what the issue was been. they know iran was lying to them. they put that in reports that iran lied and deceived them. they decided thattiate not going to be factor in the conditions to lift the sanctions. the sanction vote takes place on tuesday. they will lift the sanctions despite the fact that iran is lying to us again. >> i'm sure we'll hear a lot from senator mitch mcconnell and speaker paul ryan on this. i'm sure they'll have a way to make certain the national security is assured. i will not ask you to respond to that. that's my side. general, thanks for being with
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us, as always. we got a cage match just not the one we expected. ted cruz and marco rubio. >> ted supports doubling number of green cards. >> i understand marco wants to raise confusion. it is not accurate what he just said. >> how will rubio versus cruz work out? lift with your legs.
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foreign policy and fighting terrorism the big themes at the fifth republican presidential debate in las vegas last night. each of the republican candidates hit the campaign trail today. their main goal, to convince folks they're the best choice to keep america safe. national security, border security, now the top concerns for voters all across the country. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> the day after the final debate of the year, donald trump declared himself the winner and talked border security and immigration. >> illegal immigration has caused tremendous crime and deaths. >> last night the national front runner defended his proposed ban on muslim immigrants. >> we're not talking about religious, we're talking about security. >> jeb bush tried to lead the charge against the celebrity
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candidate. >> he would be a chaos president. >> i'm at 42 and you're at three. >> do you think this is tough and you're not being treated fairly. >> ted cruz was branded as a bit of a maniac by trump, who changed his tune last night with a warning. >> he is a wonderful temperment. he's just fine, don't worry about it. >> you did question his judgment. >> marco rubio went straight to iowa where he renewed his criticism of cruz for opposing the defense authorization bill and weakening national security. >> the defense cuts we are facing in this country already, the ones that are already in place, that some republicans have supported make it even deeper. how are you going to make the sands of the middle east glow if you don't have the bombs or air force to do it with? >> the battle is likely to be seen next year. john kasich wanted to urge a less divisive agenda.
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rubio has been hammering cruz for weakening surveillance programs. >> i'm proud to have joined with conservatives in both the senate and house to reform how we target bad guys. >> there is nothing we are allowed to do under this bill we could not do before. >> on immigration, cruz cast rubio as a supporter of amnesty. >> one commentator said for marco to suggest it's the same. >> cruz indicated in the past he was open to a path of leading status after building a wall. rubio says their plans are similar. >> i personally, am open to allowing people to apply for a green card. >> it was rand paul's feistiest debate yet. >> marco has more allegiance to the liberals than to conservative policy. >> chris christie mocked the senators for their legislative bickering. >> if your eyes are glazing over
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likes mine this is like being on the floor of the united states senate. >> the next debate is january 14th hosted by fbn. it's in south carolina and comes two weeks before the iwowa caucuses. >> joining us is ed rollings and michael goodwin. great to have you both here. let's start with rubio and cruz. the cage match we hadn't expected. what do you make of it? >> look, i think they hurt each other a bit. they opened up some i think they can both be damaged though, with cruz, of course, it was the vote against the national defense bill. and with rubio, it's the amnesty issue. those were out there but i think they exploited them. i think trump benefits because the two guys fighting for second place are beating up each other. >> did you notice rubio would
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not respond to the fact he was on the g 8 comprehensive immigration reform committee? >> gang of eight. >> yeah. let's just say that's a part of his resume he'd like to oo -- >> i think he was doing that on the air last night. >> who me? >> they are extremely articulate men and very substantive. there's three people on the stage that really have substance and john kasich is the other who has no personality. >> you've got to be kidding me sne. >> he's got substance? >> what kind of substance? it looks like an uncontrolled substance. >> i'm talking about he knows the budget and armed services. it was trump's show. at the end of the day he had a strategy going in there. his demeanor -- he had a good first hour. i don't think he cares he knows what the triad is.
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at the end of the day he went in there with 35 or 40 points and didn't lose any. >> i got a kick out of the fellow. wanted to pin him down on the triad in terms of the nuclear capability of the country talking about submarines and b-52's if you get down to it. it was a crazy question. >> it gave rubio to play mr. smarty pants. >> by explaining. >> i think those three people still are in the game. i think that the governor of new jersey who doesn't want to be the governor anymore wants to go back to his days of the u.s. prosecutor. that reality the rest of them aren't going to make it. the sooner the better it could be a substantive debate if you had three or four people. >> the numbers still work against a continuing deep dive into some of those issues. >> let's ask the million dollar
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question maybe considerably more than that. who -- if everybody leaves you want to, let's say we're down to four folks, how big are the numbers for trump? do they go up or is there a leavening process here in your dreams? >> depends on the campaign. i think at this point in time, you have to have more substance and serious discussions. if there's three or four people on the stage it's not a matter of his personality. he's here to stay. and my sense is he didn't do anything to hurt himself last night. >> i thought he looked like the leader last night. >> he did. >> you know, we agree on that. the fact is, he's taught these other candidates something. you didn't hear them backing up or apologizing. they weren't woofing with one of the questioning, the moderator. they're saying, you keep mushpug me. >> one thing he's taught them. he makes the faces that's part of the trump personality.
7:20 pm
poor jeb bush had a camera on him all night was making the stupidest faces at all. >> it's the first time i had just seen -- jeb goes after him talking about him being the chaos candidate and all this other stuff. and the cameras goes to trump. he didn't say a word he just does one of those faces as you call it. and he won an argument without saying a word. >> he did say a word he knocked him on his tail. >> he could have -- the rest of it is just overkill. >> and it's interesting because, of course, rubio and cruz who you think would gain the most dare not go after him at all h. it's only bush and fiorina. >> rubio got a lesson from trump when he did go after them. >> those two guys are the future of the party. they're two different wings. they're two smart articulate guys. they're going to be finalists. i think we have more debates to
7:21 pm
come. >> who won? >> i personally think rubio won. but at the end of the day trump was the ultimate winner. it was his party and he performed well and didn't lose anything. >> i think cruz and rubio beat each other up. i think christie scored some points but trump wins because he came in as the winner and goes out as the leader. >> you know, and trump is obviously, toughened up the field. this is not a bunch of shrinking violets now. i may be wrong in this judgment, but i think they were, many of them at the beginning. good for the country. >> ed rolle ins always good for the country. a few thoughts ♪ i built my business with passion.
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i've been waiting to do this, a few thoughts of paul ryan. he can't escape my attention of late. he was asked by bill hemmer whether trump's campaign is good
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for the republican party. here what the speaker said in reply. >> look, i think this is a healthy primary process. we've got great candidates running. i trust the republican primary voter to deliver a very good nominee for us. >> i didn't hear a yes or no in the answer. >> i'm not -- you've known me a long time i'm not going to get into who is up and down in the presidential campaign. >> mr. speaker you got into it big time last week. speaker ryan is a little late for that innocent act, isn't he? or his power act. here is ryan just last week on trump's call to temporarily ban muslims from immigrating to this country while we figure out what the hell is going on. >> normally, i do not comment on what's going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for.
7:27 pm
>> whoa. what happened? that was a pretty assertive fellow wagging his finger saying this isn't conservatism. let's set aside for just a moment if ryan knows what conservatism really is or if he's a conservatism. today he was so quick to join mitch mcconnell and suddenly dismiss all of that talk of a brokered convention he'd been boosting previously. >> this talk is ridiculous. we have a -- we haven't started the iowa caucus. i'm one of the millions of primary voters that will sort this out and we'll have a good nominee. >> i feel better he's one of millions of voters who will sort it out. last week he was going to sort it out. i think he's finding out his breeches have gotten big pretty dog gone quick. i think he's pretty well figured out he's worthy of his
7:28 pm
predecessor. that's not necessarily if you care, a compliment. he is a card carrying member of the out of touch gop establishment. still, and with trump only surging in the polls after his comments last week, ryan and the establishment that's been running scared are now trying to hide from the very voters who have had more than a belly full of their usual serving of the establishment's deplicity self-serving nonsense. it's beginning to look like some of them, a few of them are getting the message. let's hope the message against even bolder and louder and absolutely inescapable. that's just my wish. the quotation of the evening, the frustration and disappointments that we mere citizens experience as we listen to the frequently absurd, often grotesquely dishonest utterings of our government officials, so we turn to a man who knows where of he speak and who spoke this.
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change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. we are the ones we've been waiting for. we are the change that we seek. those are words of president barack obama. who is certainly the change that many now seek. how words live with you. we're coming right back. james comey says the islamic state is more dangerous because it's revolutionized terrorism. >> the model changes, an entirely different way of approaching terrorism. >> how do we defeat the new islamic you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. that's never really been possible. but along comes a radically new way to buy a car, called truecar. now it is. truecar has pricing data on every make and model,
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7:34 pm
bs in their public affairs office almost weekly. i've never seen it this bad. >> what you're seeing is a public affairs dysfunction alt. remember, those f-15's were sent to ramp up the air campaign, to increase the number of dalies sordies from eight to ten to 20 to exploit our new found intelligence advantage. if you don't know where the targets are and you're restricted by the rules of engagement, it doesn't how many aircraft you have on the ground you can't use them all because you don't have to targets. >> they're the only thing that we have available in a strike fighter that's available to take on those targets. they were thrown out by the turkish government, were they not? >> let's face it, the turks aren't really these days. they're distemper with the united states and with russia -- >> we don't care about their
7:35 pm
heartburn. what we care about is achieving -- who are these people? we're talking about lieutenant generals, we're talking about a president. we're talking about ash carter, the defense secretary. suddenly they're -- they amount to nothing. in the eyes of the turks. >> well, just to set conditions here, remember when the president came out of that pentagon tank briefing last week you could see that he was -- from his body language he was visibly upset. this is the first visit he's had to the pentagon since july. a lot of a -- >> two years is a far bigger raid a visit topoint -- >> the story he got from his chiefs was different than the story he got from his civilian advisors. you could tell he was somewhat stunned a bit when he went up on the podium and gave that rather
7:36 pm
wooden address to the audience. >> seven and a half whole minutes of inspiration. >> followed by no questions. you can tell -- >> he doesn't answer them anyway, i mean -- >> but you can tell this is not going well. you can tell that -- >> heck, we know that. i mean, we haven't got allies in the fight. finally a coalition is formed by the saudis, 34 states. and the united states had nothing to do with it. i mean, talk about leading from behind. he's not leading at all. >> let's be very clear. >> all right. >> you're not going to have a coalition without the united states leading. >> i think that's a little too clear, bob. i got to be honest with you, i don't see anything happening, our arab partners have done squat in 14 years. we've had doctrinal invocation with people like david petraeus talking about long wars. that's become u.s. military doctrine. here we are 14 years later and we haven't won a damn thing. general, that's crazy.
7:37 pm
>> well, let's face it. nothing's going to happen for another 13 months, that's for sure. >> you know, i don't know. i hope the islamic state agrees with you. i hope vladmir putin agrees with you. but, you know, nothing's -- >> our side, lou, nothing's going to happen on our side. >> we'll have to do something if one of those fine gentlemen decide to do something and see our pentagon on a posture that we've got 13 months to run out here. we don't. we better be ready for it. >> i think the bottom line is very clear. the one thing you can't get back in war is time. money won't pay for time. and because we have this so-called strategic pause in place, it's allowing the taliban and isis to continue to entrench themselves. it makes plan b which will kick in 2016 far more difficult to execute. >> plan b, whatever it is. i hope that we elect somebody, somebody that knows what they
7:38 pm
are doing. because this is awful rough stuff for the american people to have to weather. >> that's very true. >> general bob scales, i know that you're -- you share some of my agative about this, perhaps in some ways more than i do. thanks so much, appreciate it. joining us now, pamela geller president of the american freedom defensive initiative. great to have you here. 102,213 syr 102,213 certains were were granted to come to america. >> well, i think it's more sinister than that. it was behind our backs. when you consider that back in february, the islamic state vowed to send half a million
7:39 pm
refugees to europe. they boasted that they would do that. and they did. we have found that over 80% are not even syrians. so what are they doing there? just yesterday -- >> i'm most concerned about the 102,000 syrians that have been admitted to this country by virtue of the president's conscious decision without discussing it with the american people or congress. this is a man who is making all sorts of changes in our society without the knowledge and the support of the american people. >> it's sinister. because it's going to be a national security problem for decades to come. the islamic state has vowed to send operatives. the lebanese education minister said there were 20,000 jihadists in the camp alone. it's dangerous. they can not vet them. >> trump says last night. he has nothing to back up -- not backing up from any part of his
7:40 pm
call to temporarily ban the immigration of muslims into this country. and he says it's a matter of national security. do you agree? >> absolutely. here's the gist of it. islam is a complete system. it's a comprehensive system. it's not just a religion. it's a political, legal, educational dietary, social system. and unlike jewish law which pertains to jews and canon law which pertains to christians. islamic law asserts its authority over non-muslims. it's a whole different ball of wax. it's a national security issue. nobody cares -- if you worship a stone, don't stone us with it. that's the point. the point is -- >> do you think that trump's call is now falling on accepting and agreeable ears in this country? >> without question. not in the media, not in academic elites and political elites. >> i'm talking with the american
7:41 pm
people. >> why do you think he soared after he announced that ban? the american people know we're in deep trouble. just this woman tashfeen, she went to the radical mosque. >> thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. romantic gestures are great unless they cause road rage. a 24-year-old houston man experienced that. he shut down interstate 45 for the best of reasons so that he could propose to his girlfriend. the move so angered other drivers and the district attorney that they pressed charges for obstruction of the highway. he faced up to six months in jail, a $2,000 fine. not all bad news. his girlfriend did say yes. oh, those are not cheering witnesses to all of that were they? bad judgment fellow, bad judgment. i mean the part about shutting down the freeway. donald trump hits new highs in national polls.
7:42 pm
the more the national liberal media and the republican establishment try to tear him down. the higher he goes. we'll be talking with a former donald trump campaign advisor and political consultant to presidents nixon and reagan. roger stone joins me here next. e from deployment, you know, you have money saved up, so you're looking for that car to drive around in. and usaa actually makes that process so much easier. you can find the car and you can find it to your liking by using their app. i'm definitely able to see savings, uh, through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) usaa car buying service powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle.
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joining us tonight former donald trump campaign advisor roger stone, working for presidents nixon and reagan. also the author of the recently published book entitled the clintons' war on women. good to have you with us. let's start with the candidate with 41% in the monmouth national poll. he not only seems to be unstoppable, but with every attack grows stronger. have you ever seen the like? >> never seen anything like this. i've been in the business almost 40 years. donald trump is demonstrating the leadership that barack obama refuses to demonstrate. the american people are responding to it. it's been -- they're so hungry for leadership, trump is offering unapologetic alpha male leadership. even though the media has tried to smear him and truncate his position alleging he supports a permanent ban in muslim immigration.
7:47 pm
i think his temporary ban is where the american people and where the republican primary voters are. >> not only his poll numbers, but we're watching cruz at least in iowa make a solid move here. it's no longer an outlier. is trump in your judgment threatening realistically by the cruz campaign? >> well, polling a caucus is very difficult. and primary polls or preelection polls volatile. if i were in ted cruz's shoes this is seven weeks before i wanted it. the front runner becomes a lightning rod and magnet. that is going to happen to cruz. i think you want to emerge late. trump is more than competitive in iowa. getting people to turn out on a cold night to sit around for
7:48 pm
three hours and vote. trump on the other hand, i think, could -- has to finish in the money, one or two. new hampshire is probably a stronger state for him because there are somewhat fewer evangelicals and more catholics in their voter mix. it fits trump, i think a little better. but i don't think there's any reason for panic. the trump campaign on the ground in iowa is very well-run. his folks know what they're doing. they are pulling new people into the caucuses. i think maybe senator cruz may have peaked sooner than he'd liked. >> i can't imagine cruz or trump, frankly panicking for any reason. they don't convey that to me as eastern a capaci even a capacity in their nartur. the republicans have to understand they have race in which the front runners, at least in the form of trump and cruz, are anti-establishment. and they're going to be outside
7:49 pm
the usual two party, one establishment routine that everyone seems so comfortable with in washington. do you believe the establishment gop will go after trump or cruz whom ever it is? and try to derail them? >> i absolutely do. because among the lobbyist class, the donor class, the washington insiders, they are wetting their pants over a trump presidency. because donald trump is so wealthy, you can't buy him. he doesn't need special interest money, doesn't need pac money or billionaire money. he doesn't need the kochs or paul singer or any of those that seem to be banking on marco rubio. he's his own man. it would be refreshing for the first time we'd have an american president who works for the american people and not some lobbyist or some special interest. that is really turning stomachs in washington. the idea that you'd have an unbuyable and unbulliable president in donald trump. i do expect the establishment to gang up on trump.
7:50 pm
>> it's a question of survival, isn't it? >> for them because it's all about the money. all about the money. >> roger, great to have you with us, we appreciate it. good talking with you. roger stone. >> many thanks. up next, democratic strategists, and a republican strategist join us next and we'll watch the sparks fly. stay with me.
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rnc chairman rents priebus shooting down reports he brokered attempts trying to stop donald trump. on fox news just a short time ago, he insisted no backroom deals trying to shut down trump. >> i believe we'll have a nominee at the convention -- >> if it's donald trump, you're perfectly okay with that? >> we're going to support whoever the nominee is and we're going to have a party than better than it's ever been before. >> all right. >> joining us now, former member of george bush's senior staff, and democratic strategist. here is trump with all of these polls. he's widening the lead. he's dominated for six months, he's dominating more. where does he go from here? >> he's got to get around new hampshire and iowa.
7:55 pm
not to win iowa. we talked about cruz being the iowa guy. he's got to get rest of that and move ahead. >> what do you think, do you agree? >> i do. i think it's unlikely that trump will win iowa. tonight i think people will be sniping at cruz, not trump. trump likes the fact he doesn't get too much air time because he doesn't control the debate. but i also think new hampshire is the opportunity by which either trump may rise or fall. because of momentum. people like to go with a winner. if you're winning at the polls you can declare you're a winner. >> make sense of this for me in iowa. whether trump's in the lead or in second, maybe third place. isn't there really a who cares sort of nature to this? reminding everyone, santorum and huckabee are the ones who won iowa in the last two cycles not mccain or romney. >> trump's vote is not in iowa. iowa has been -- >> why does anybody care? >> why?
7:56 pm
because people have to write about something. new hampshire is a different issue. is it a bell weather? probably not. what happens on that day coming up when all the delegates are at stake, that's the day this gets called. >> nine days? >> some ridiculous day, you know. >> and brad, iowa, does it matter or does it not? would you rather have iowa or new hampshire if you're running? >> you want new hampshire. here's why iowa matters. because trump's been leading in the national polls for six months. and he keeps making pronouncements i am going to win iowa. i'm going to win new hampshire. if he doesn't win, then -- >> those people in iowa better listen. >> but this is an opportunity for the mainstream media to try and take trump down. because of the fact he wasn't won iowa when it doesn't matter. >> right now i'd have to say to you the national media looks like a bunch of idiots? they have done everything. they have whined, cried
7:57 pm
crocodile tears, done all this politically correct bs and he goes higher because the american people, at least the republicans that are paying attention to this thing, i mean, they -- you know -- >> they don't want the usual gang, that's what this is about. they want somebody they think has guts? >> do you agree, brian? >> no, i think the media is scared to death of trump because he taked them on like no other politician has ever taken them on. of course, they're attacking him. >> they're scared of him, they have a funny way of showing it. >> he lives for their attacks. >> every time they attack him his numbers go up. it's perfect. >> let's go to paul ryan, speaker ryan. mitch mcconnell. looked like they were calling off the dogs today and rolling over and saying scratch our bellies because we're not going to bite on this brokered convention anymore. we're not even going to snarl. what do you think? >> look, i think that the speaker is in a difficult
7:58 pm
position. every day he wakes up and it's like shooting guns at his feet all day long. step right, step left, step right again. mcconnell is mcconnell. different institution the senate, the house is much more comb combative. >> what happened to regular order with these folks straightening things out? the republican leadership in both the senate and house, i don't know if you'll agree with me, they look like a bunch of hacks still for the business round table and the chamber of commerce. i don't see what difference their leadership is making at all. >> there is a big sea change in leadership. it's evident in the house. the fact we haven't had a government shutdown is evident that there is regular order being held to each body. and we've got to live to fight another day. obama is done. what we need to do is we need to fight for the next election cycle to tell the american people be careful what you wish for.
7:59 pm
you got obama. give us a chance to govern the way we should govern. >> i admire you for your loyalty to your party, but the facts are, they look dumb, number one. they did a government shutdown, they definitely lose the next election. that's what happened in '95. >> exactly. but there wasn't a hint of it. >> well, i think what we're concluding with is, that mcconnell and ryan were smart enough not to shut down the government. and that's an accomplishment. >> they didn't draw anymore negative attention to themselves is what that means. >> it looks like they're backing off the brokered convention. >> it's senseless to have a brokered convention -- >> those were the folks talking their anti-trump nonsense, not me. >> the question is -- >> we're going to -- >> a question was raised and a question was answered as to procedure. and it got blown out of proportion. >> you and i have been around too long for that one. there's a reason all that was leak today the post, come on. no? no brad?
8:00 pm
>> quite frankly, i don't think so. it makes the gop look bad. >> i'm running out of time. i'm doing it to myself. thanks monday. have a great night from new york. >> gunmen were throwing grenade into the crowd. what might happen during mass shootings if citizens had guns. many americans do own guns to protect themselves. but many politicians and the media want more limits. >> do you think reinstating the ban on assault weapons and banning high capacity magazines would do any good? yes. john: politicians say student don't need to protect themselves. and we must teach kid that even things that look like guns are evil.


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